Trinity Church, Baptist in Richmond, Virginia

401 Branchway Road, Richmond, Virginia 23236

Our Prayers

Please pray for our members and friends who are sick, those who are in the hospital, those who await surgery.

Pray for those who are traveling and those who are in places of transition in their lives.

Pray for those who mourn the deaths of family and friends, those very recent and those in the past.

Pray for our church, our community and our world.  Pray for our leaders in churches, in our communities, our country and in the world.

Pray for all those in harm's way -- the victims of storms and the victims of wars, the victims of abuse and those who are abusive to others and themselves.  Pray for those who face a cold bitter winter of homelessness.  Pray for those who cannot afford nutritious food or enough food to feel satisfied or stay healthy, those who cannot afford necessary medicine, those who cannot afford to heat their homes, those who cannot afford the proper clothing for the colder weather.

Pray for all those who are working in the world to bring comfort to the sick, the homeless, the displaced, the poor, the stranger. May they, and may we, be a part of God's reconciling and redeeming work on earth.

Give thanks for the many blessings which God bestows upon us every day. Give thanks for our journey together.